Reflections, Stories and Poems by Mike Weber

Commandments and Commitments

God’s commandments have more in common with commitments than you might think. The Ten Commandments begins with a reminder of God’s love. In a sense when God commands us to love him and to love others he’s putting an invitation into our hands. He stands before us not with a lightning bolt, but with the open and pierced hands of Jesus. Continue reading Commandments and Commitments

Hannah’s Story: A Sermon on I Samuel 1:1-20

The dreams we have for ourselves are never big enough. God’s dreams for us are always bigger than we can imagine. We saw this about a month ago when we were studying Joseph. Do you remember? Joseph’s dream for himself was a dream of superiority. He dreamed that his whole family would bow down to him as if he were a king. But God’s dream for Joseph was one of servanthood.

The same is true of Hannah. Her dream was to have son who would remove the grief and shame she felt from being barren. But she also realized that God had a bigger dream. Continue reading Hannah’s Story: A Sermon on I Samuel 1:1-20

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