A Prayer for a Repast

“A Prayer for a Repast”
Read by Mike Weber

For Barbara’s three children

Gracious God,
As we gather to share a meal and memories,
we thank you for one last gift with which our mother has left us—
The gift of family.

This has been such a hard time for us,
but we have persevered and endured
because we have had each other.

This sense of family is her gift to us.
We were born out of her body
And out of her heart.
She shaped our identity—
      through meals and prayers,
      work and play,
      teaching and discipline,
      music and joy,
      faith and worship—
      all of it wrapped with love.  

Because of her,
we belong to each other.

Although we are now severed from her,
we are still bound to each other as family.
We know that even death cannot break these bonds.
We belong to her.
We belong to each other.
We belong to you.

One day we shall be reunited as a complete family.
We look forward to that day,
even though there remains much for us to do in this life.
But for now, we will hold fast to each other,
and thank you for the precious gift of family.

For the food and the love that we are about to receive,
For the memories and the tears that we are about to share,
We give you thanks, God our Father.

Renew the bonds that unite us.  
Help us to live in such a way as to honor our mother,
and to give glory to you.

Through Christ, our Lord.  Amen.

Rev. Michael A. Weber, © March 19, 2019. I give my permission to print this prayer for worship or in conjunction with a repast so long as this notice is included . Please be so kind to inform me by contacting me at msnrweber@verizon.net. if you choose to use this prayer.

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