read by Mike Weber

When I see fireflies
rising above the lawn
on a summer’s eve,
I like to think they are shooting stars
returning to the heavens.

Silently they ascend
in flights of ephemeral light,
moving ever upwards
until they flame out.

Yet discontented to forgo the ascent,
they rekindle a light
and rise, again and again,
Until at last,
darkness overtakes them
and they rise no more.

Why this restless upward motion?

Do they remember
they were once part of the ethereal?
and their swift descent through the spheres?
ether to fire; fire to air to dust scattered upon the green earth?

Forgetting for a time their true nature,
they have slumbered
ignorantly in the dust.
But tonight,
gathered together
in the bodies of their earthborn hosts,
They rekindle a divine flame
and ascend towards the eternal.

©June 29, 2011, by Rev. Michael A. Weber
For permission to reprint, please contact the author at

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