At His Birth

“Nativity”, etching by Joan Bohlig
To see more of her work go to
“At His Birth,”
written and read by Mike Weber

At His Birth …
Christ who fills all time and space
         and yet no space contains Him,
is imprisoned in the warm, intimate space
         of Mary’s womb.

Christ, who labored to give birth to the universe,
         submits himself to the urgent pains of childbirth.

Christ, whose breath moved on the face of the deep
         and breathed life into the first woman and man,
Now breathes so gently that He barely ruffles
         the hay that pillows his head.

Although He is the Eternal Word,
         who spoke the world into being,
Now He babbles and coos
         in words that are incomprehensible
         to all but a mother.

Although He split the sea
         and led His people out of Egypt by His mighty hand,
Now He nurses at His mother’s breast
         and grasps her finger with his tiny hand.

Although His eyes have never closed before,
         now He dreams in blissful ignorance.

For Christ, who is older than eternity,
         is now a newborn babe.

© December 9, 2001 by Rev. Michael A. Weber.
For permission to reprint please contact
the author at

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