Some Children See Him: A Christmas Carol

“Some Children See Him,” is one of my favorite Christmas carols. Its gentle melody and simple words invite us to see Jesus as a Savior for every child in every nation. 

The music was composed by Alfred S. Burt. His father, an episcopal priest named Rev. Bates Burt, had a long-standing tradition of composing a new Christmas carols for inclusion in the annual family Christmas card.  After his father’s death, Alfred continued the family tradition collaborating with Wihla Hutson who now wrote the annual lyrics.  

Ms. Huston was the church organist for Rev. Burt and also a close family friend.  The family called her Aunt Wilha. She and Alfred collaborated on some 15 carols until he died of lung cancer at the age of 35.  Their collective work became known as the Burt Carols and were first recorded in 1955 shortly before Alfred’s death.

Wihla’s words and Alfred’s music have been a Christmas gift that keeps on giving. This carol, Some Children See Him,” is particularly powerful because it invites us to see Jesus through the eyes of children and to realize that Jesus is really just like us.

As the carol puts it

The children of each different place
Will see the Baby Jesus’ face
Like theirs, but bright with heavenly grace,
And filled with holy light.

Here is a series of pictures that illustrate the words of the carol. To listen to the carol click on this link.

Small Cowper Madonna, Raphael, 1522
Madonna and Child, Jesus Mafa, 20th century
Asian Madonna and Child, unknown artist
Apache Madonna and Child, Fr John Giulani, 20th Century.
For additional Native American icons visit
unknown artist

One thought on “Some Children See Him: A Christmas Carol

  1. I enjoyed the hymn this morning along with the pictures on the wall. Thank you for extending more information thru this posting.


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