Priesting in Pandemic

A guest blog from an Episcopal priest named Sarah. Wonderful thoughts from a thoughtful pastor. This should be read by every pastor who is trying to minister to their congregation via social media in the time of pandemic

small points of light

On this particular morning in the midst of our pandemic diaspora, I rose knowing to my core what day it was, a definite change of pace since generally speaking, my days seem to be blending into one another.  Wardrobe selection is often a particular challenge for me because while my dual vocations blend in task and timing across my days, my wardrobe isn’t necessarily as flexible.  But Sundays have a singularity in purpose, dress, and focus which feels like a reprieve.

This morning, one of my priestly thoughts was that I wanted fresh flowers for my home altar, but time and rain had finished off the last of the lilacs and flowering spring bulbs which I’d been replenishing since Easter Sunday.  So, fully dressed in clericals, I went for a morning walk through my yard equipped with bud vases and scissors, hoping for some offerings of nature.  She did not…

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