Maintaining the Trail

Yesterday, I spent my Monday, as I spend all my Mondays, hiking through the woods.  The weather was perfect with temperatures in the low 60s.  The sun shone through the autumn leaves, giving each tree a hundred haloes.  The air was sweet with the scent of fallen leaves that crunched beneath my boots.  I spent an hour and a half climbing the summits to Mount Cecchino and High Mountain where I looked out on the countryside below. 

The trail was marked with bright yellow blazes that must have been recently painted because they showed no signs of weathering.  They got me to thinking about the volunteer who gave up a day to hike the trail and paint fresh blazes.  The trail had to be at least 30 years old, if not older, since High Mountain Park was founded in the early 1990s.  However, her job was not to blaze a new trail but to mark the old trail so that others would not get lost. How many people before her had given of their time to maintain the trail?

It occurred to me that our job as a Christian is very similar.  It is the job of Jesus to blaze new trails.  Hebrews 12:2 call Jesus “the pioneer and perfecter or our faith.”  Pioneers are trail blazers and Jesus is the only trail blazer we will ever need

However, our job is not to blaze a new trail, but to maintain the old trail.  We are to follow Jesus and refresh the blazes so that others will not get lost. God doesn’t need new trail-blazers.  God needs people who will faithfully maintain the trails he has marked out.

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