A Prayer for 9/11, 18 Years Later

9/11 Memorial Pool
A Prayer for 9/11, 18 Years Later
Read by Mike Weber

We remember, O Lord, the events of 9/11
and their repercussions throughout the years.

We remember those innocents who were murdered in a cowardly attack.
We remember the brave first-responders
who sacrificed their lives trying to rescue others.
We remember the loved ones who never got to say goodbye
and who still grieve to this day.

We remember also, the soldiers who went off to war in Afghanistan and Iraq.
We remember those who didn’t come home
and those who came home broken in body, mind or spirit.
We remember their families whose lives have been uprooted and traumatized.

We thank you for the sacrifices so many have made
from first-responders, to soldiers and to their families,
and we resolve to do all in our power
to honor their memory and care for their loved ones.

O Lord, the evil of 9/11 opened a wound in the world’s heart
that has not been healed to this day.
It’s repercussions extend not only to our own country
and our own loved ones,
but to others around the world.

And so we also remember the families and children of Afghanistan and Iraq
who have lost loved ones to a war they did not choose
and a war they do not understand.
We remember the persecution of ethnic and religious minorities
that ensued from destabilized nations.
We remember the refugees
who have fled for their own safety from the ravages of war.

We remember, and we ask you to bring healing.
We dedicate ourselves to the task of healing.

Help us to offer comfort to all who grieve.
Help us work for peace and reconciliation in a war torn world.
Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with us.


© 9/11/2018 by Rev. Michael A. Weber. For permission to reprint this contact the author at msnrweber@verizon.net

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