A Prayer for Fault Finding Folks

In other words—for all of us.

“When love is thin, faults are thick.” (English proverb)

“A Prayer for Fault Finding Folks”
read by Mike Weber

Eternal God, you and you alone are faultless,
perfect in your love and in your holiness.

But we live in a fault-finding age.  We are quick to anger and quick to take offense.  We are well versed in the faults of our opponents, but blind to our own shortcomings.  We live in a perpetual stew of resentment and irritation.

Forgive us for our faultfinding.  Help us to see others, not as our opponents, but as precious people made in your image and for whom Jesus died.  Help us to love and to leave all correction to you.

© 9/11/2019 by Rev. Michael A. Weber. For permission to reprint this, contact the author at msnrweber@verizon.net

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