A Lament in Time of Pandemic

A prayer for Kelly Kotch on the death of her mother from Covid-19

Anonymous woman grieving

How hard it is to say goodbye
when there hasn’t been enough time for a final hug or a final word.
How hard it is to say goodbye
to someone who gave you life
and has always been there to guide, encourage and love.

How hard it is to say goodbye when you cannot be with others,
when the community you lean upon can only be with you virtually.
The isolation we normally feel at the intrusion of death
has been magnified by the social isolation
imposed by the intrusion of Covid-19.

We are alone and hungry for the touch of a hand and the embrace of arms
as we pour out our grief to one another.

Hear our prayers for Kelly and for her family.
We lament with them and cry out for your mercy.

May the promise of resurrection life,
sealed by our savior’s death and resurrection from the tomb,
sustain them, and all who grieve, in this time of pandemic and sorrow.

May the nail-pierced hands of Jesus,
risen from the dead but alive to the pain of brokenness,
reach out to touch them and enfold them in his loving arms.


2 thoughts on “A Lament in Time of Pandemic

  1. It is good for me to read this, this Sabbath morning, when we still think about Christ’s Resurrection, but are still waiting and watching for our own, caught in our continued sorrow at Death’s destructiveness on our joy and peace. I thank you and of course I thank Kelly Kotch for allowing me to mourn with those who mourn today more personally and intentionally. I join my humble prayers with this beautiful one of yours. Jane


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