Happy Birthday to Musings and Wonderment

It was one year ago today, on August 18, 2019, that I began this blog. Now 74 posts later (75, if you count this one) I’m still going.

If you haven’t read my blog in that time I want to invite you to check it out. So in this post, I am introducing you to four of my favorite posts from the past year: 1) A Prayer, 2) A Story From My Life, 3) A Christmas Meditation and 4) A Sermon. My hope is that by giving you a sampling of my work, you may want to read more and to follow this blog.

A Prayer: “A Lament in Time of Pandemic”

During the pandemic the mother of a friend died from Covid-19. How does one grieve, when you can’t even visit your mother in the hospital? How does one grieve when you can’t gather with family and friends to mourn and celebrate? Here is a prayer that addresses these issues and seeks God help.


A Story from My Life: “Billy Martin’s Story: Giving Up Something for Lent”

Billy Martin is a friend of mine who gave up watching sports on TV for Lent. In return God gave him a wonderful moment of appreciation and love for his 10-year-old son. Here is a story of a wonderful serendipity and a deepening of faith and gratitude.


A Christmas Meditation: “What Does God Look Like “

This meditation opens with the words–“‘What does God look like?’ five year old Daniel asked his mother one Christmas Eve as she tucked him into bed. ”

Reflecting on the words of John 1:1-18, the meditation asks us to delve deeply into what it means for the word to become flesh. There is a back and forth between the prologue to John’s gospel and the story of God’s people through history that culminates in the life of Jesus. This meditation invites you to ponder the meaning of Jesus’ incarnation for yourself.


A Sermon: “Envy or Gratitude: A Sermon on the Workers in the Vineyard”

The parable of the workers in the vineyard is a hard story to swallow. In this parable a landlord hires people at different times of the day to harvest his vines. Some people work twelve hours, some 9 hour, some 6, some 3 and some work just some just one. And yet at the end of the day, everyone gets the same wage. In addition, the landlord is absolutely nasty to the people who worked 12 hours and complained that it wasn’t fair. Is this a story about God who rewards slackers and castigates hardworking folks? Or is it something more?

People who have read this sermon have told me how much they appreciated it. They said it helped them to see this difficult parable in a totally different light. One woman commented “WOW! Over 50 years of church and revivals and Bible Studies and Sunday Schools and I have NEVER heard this!!! Any way — this is the first time I have ever heard that the landlord is not God and you have really just blown me away with this revelation. It makes so much sense.”

I hope that you will read it and see if you agree.


Thanks for checking me out! I hope that this sampler whets your appetite for something more.

Pastor Mike Weber

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